Books by Gwen Marston Do Inspire

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Sometimes, in order to make the interior fresh, cozy and beautiful, it is enough to have little imagination and a drop of inspiration. Let’s assume we have no problems with our creative nature, but what to do with the inspiration? That’s where books by Gwen Marston go to the rescue. On the pages you will find not only pictures of artfully designed sketching compositions but also detailed descriptions on how to experiment with artistic and technical ideas on making quilts. So you can just start with the easiest and simplest ways that will help to fill your home with the novelty and warmth of comfort. According to the writer, using different shapes, colors, and forms in art allows for creating a unique quilt with the underneath meaning and a special mood. It is enough to use just 37 different elements for crafting something special and fresh.

Recently, interior decoration in patchwork style has become popular, and the writer teaches how to do it in the best way. “37 Sketches,” “Liberated String Quilts,” “Minimal Quiltmaking” – all these help readers to become a part of art. That is why a lot of women around the world read the books by Marston with a special passion. The decoration in the style of handicrafts always fills the house with bright colors, introduces romance, sincerity, and goodwill. Sometimes even the smallest items of decor or accessories change the room out of all recognition. The style is characterized by an abundance of juicy colors and interesting ornaments, which makes the craft the center of attention.

If earlier making quilts was considered a hobby of the wealthy, now everyone who wants to decorate and diversify their housing can do it. The technology of patchwork and quilting has become more complicated with the years; it began to come up with more complex and elegant compositions. The most difficult moments in this work is the achievement of the right color solution. For beginners, it is advised to use a handbook “37 Sketches” and read in detail about how to mix small sketches so that the final composition has an appealing look.

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