Lectures of art: Gwen Marston and her quilt making

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As the time passes, societal progress reached its apogee and helped artists continuously to fill up our life with unique pieces of art. Even quilt is the one that underwent certain artistic evolution to become beautiful and aesthetically pleasant object it is today. There are not that many quilt makers in the world, but among little Gwen Marston is the brightest star. She does not perceive quilting as a business. Her primarily motivation is to express herself in her work. That is Gwen Marston’s real reason for having huge success. Having fallen in love with quilt making being around 30, she keeps developing her talent. The reason of Gwen Marston’s popularity is grounded in her endless will to share her love and expertise to quilt with other people. Through years of her career she keeps on transmitting her knowledge by the means of print and digital products and tools. The world knows more than 25 books of her. The most famous are ’37 Sketches’ (2011), ‘Liberated String Quilts’ (2003), ‘Minimal Quiltmaking’ (2014), ‘Liberated Medallion’ (2012), ‘Collaborative Quilting’ (2006), ‘Freddy and Gwen collaborate again: Freewheeling twists on traditional quilt design’ (2009), ‘Classic four block appliqué quilts: a back to basics approach’ (2005)  and many others.

Lecturing as indispensable part of Gwen Marston’s life

We all know that listening for explanation is the best to gain necessary knowledge and skills. That is the reason why Gwen Marston through her long career kept on lecturing. She is a visiting professor and gives tailored lectures on the art of quilt making. One of her most interesting and engaging lectures is ‘Liberated Quiltmaking’. It is quite a symbolic topic for her. In her work Gwen Marston has chosen liberated style. She does not use commercial patterns but follows her individual perceptions and feelings. That is also a reason for her success. In her other lectures ‘Abstract quilts in solid”, ‘So old it’s new’, ‘String quilts’ Gwen Marston says of history of quilting, its evolution and various methods of doing it. Some courses are also available on www.iquilt.com Youtube channel is also full of short videos in which Gwen Marston in an engaging way says how to make a chef-d’oeuvre. For many years Gwen Marston taught in the USA and abroad. In her lectures Gwen Marston transmits beautiful feeling of creating a piece of art to her listeners. This year Gwen Marston will retire but will not stop sharing her experience and profound expertise with people. She gives guests lectures and workshops on invitation.

Get in touch with real art and create a true home comfort! Make your favorite quilt the real object of art, corresponding your very individual taste.

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