The life and inspiration of Gwen Marston

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Today when we say design, our mind leads us to fashion industry or to IT. These two branches of the economy are productive and well-advertised. Design though is present and conceptualized in many different products. The most mundane accessory of our daily life, a quilt, can  also become a piece of design art, when produced by a talented personality. Such a person is Gwen Marston, a quilter.

Being Gwen Marston

Gwen Marston is an example of a person who has an endless passion for her work. Being a fine artist in fabric and textile industries she possesses strong creative spirit, that individualizes her sketches. One hardly would think to convert a simple quilt into a real art work, but she proves all is possible.

Gwen Marston was born on the second of October 1936. Her love to quilt making came to her when once in 1970s she visited the exhibition of antique quilts. That was a turning point in Ms. Marston’s life. It took here merely 20 years of studying the classic and modern patterns to launch production. In 1990s she started to create her own pieces. When you look at her designs, you can find that the drawing is simple, straight-forward. At the same time it is filled with warmth through colors and fabrics texture.

Gwen Marston is one of the most brilliant quilt makers of our times. Her works show that true art can be reflected in any detail of our life. From the time when Gwen Marston chose quilting to show the world her talent of a designer, she had total success in her career life. She gained international fame not only in the USA but also abroad.  Her quilts are haute couture in the world of home design. During her career path she issued the series of books such as ‘Liberated String Quilts’ (2003), ‘Minimal Quiltmaking’ (2014), ‘Liberated Medallion’ (2012), ‘Collaborative Quilting’ (2006), ‘Freddy and Gwen collaborate again: Freewheeling twists on traditional quilt design’ (2009), ‘Classic four block appliqué quilts: a back to basic approach’ (2005) and many others. Her works are continuously presented in most famous museums of the world and related prominent exhibitions.

For Gwen Marston quilting is not only work but also a hobby. For decades she has been recognized as a key professional in the sphere. Profound love to this art she transmitted not only by the means of production, but also in lecturing. For her it is very important to share with people her talent and to pass her expertise to the future generations.

Today Gwen Marston is a lady of 81 years old. All professional life she has dedicated to her most beloved work, doing it with love and style.

Gwen Marston is an exemplary artist, a real inspiration! With her life path she shows that if a person finds what she or he really loves to do, then the work will only bring happiness and success. Follow Gwen Marston in digital media or enjoy books with the most liberated quilts sketches!

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